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Give me it all, never just a little
You love my mind but lust my dreams
Caught in the middle do you get my riddle?
Taking shots like Kerry Kittles
Just to find the proof in those thighs
Praying all night for what you’re trying to find
So I engage those lies
Said your friend the reason you passed me by
But I negate those ties
And get deep, shoulder height
Smoother then a Bow Tie
Mind the Arrow, so your eyes was the Bow right?
Tell me this wrong but you know it’s what we both like… Love the type of the guys that never boost right?
Chills running up your spine
Your balance decides…
To get in tune with this flight
Can’t fly but learning how to glide
You got a wall but I’m learning how to climb
Kept the ball in your court, never told you I was Clyde
Does that make you mad?
Trying to teach you to be happy for the shot & not the misses you had
You love my mind but this came from reflection
Love the natural high, not perfect but I get it
I mean the sea only Blue cause of the Sky
And I’m only destined to lose cause of these guys
Even in the darker times, somewhere does the Sun rise?
Some ties was not meant to last
But I’m addressing that
Told you goodnight but I left a few words in the stash

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