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I miss you Nenen. I’m so glad we spent time together before you passed. I’m so sure of myself because of you. Your words were monumental. You NEVER speaked negative, you rebuked it, ALWAYS! Your love was eternal. When I visited you, we reminisced on something you told me after my Father died that changed my life forever! Something you took to the grave with you & saved my life. My Mother was even shocked at how I changed for the better so dramatically & quickly, but it was because of your Words, and the unalterable truth you gave me. “We don’t all get to sit & cry, God has purposely given some of us this path because some people are meant to cry & others are meant to pick up the tears. Some of us are given the ability to being living Angels, and the fire you have in your eyes Papi, the Love you have in your heart is real. Claim your goals, Claim the beautiful woman you want before you have her and ask God to send her to you. Anything you desire, anything you wish for is already yours, you just have to believe & speak it into existence”. I thought I was lost when my Father died. I was so deep in the Dark as a young boy. You told me to stay there, and omit light. You told me understand the darkness to realize your there & that the enemy tries you because they see what you can become. You reminded me, just like a candle, the darkness shall always run away from Light. So shine on my Aunty. You know I got us. You gave me that Godfidence. 

My situation yesterday, Congressional Black Caucus I met Barack Obama for the first time. Front Row.

"To change the World, we must first change ourselves"

My Late Aunt told me it was possible. My life’s changing Momma

Off Guard, I caught my Queen. She’s going through a lot right now but yet she always makes time for her loved ones. I had the chance to go home & be with her through these trying times & she reminded me what motivates me. Thank You Mom

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