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RestInParadise #BigBen

It’s hard for a loving mother to know that the guys you used to hang with/still hang with is getting killed or locked up. When you start to separate yourself, yet your ties to it keep you up at night & she calls cause they still got your Cousin, Brothers & friends locked! So she tells you, “stay strong son”. Sometimes… You die too. After a while, you cry too. When it happens enough, a part of you gets cold & dies too. Sometimes she gets worried, knowing what’s around you.

And still… My Greatest Thoughts Come At Night

P.S. A Letter To My Father

I wish you were here to see my progress & all I’ve achieved at such a young age.

A beautiful misery is I’ll never know if you dying is what made me get this far & if you were still here, could I miss you or appreciate you this much?

I’m just being real & saying what some people are afraid too…

I see too many people lose connections with ones they love, and I wonder…

What is your end result? Would you cry consistently if that person died?

If so, why are you not appreciating them alive?

For this reason, I will never stop loving your wife, my Mother.

For this reason, I will never claim your princess as anything less than a daughter.

For this reason, I can’t neglect all the things I learned while being brought up.

Not by you, or mom or even friends. The burning question that remains is…

Did you have to miss out on my greatest life achievements just so I can get where I am?

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